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Friday, August 6, 2021


At the middle, Minister of Environment Dr Mohammad Mahmood Abubakar, from the right hand side, Registrar Dr. Yakubu Baba and from the left hand side, DG NESREA Prof. Aliyu Jauro at the first National Submit on Environmental Health in Abuja

By Ada Achanya

The impact of the three initiatives by Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria will built the nation's socio- economy base by creating employment for the youths and having a healthy society.

The Minister of Environment Mohammad Mahmood Abubakar stated this at the first National submits on Environmental health with the theme rebranding environmental health practice, breaking barriers and unlocking opportunities in Abuja.

He said the impact of the initiatives are not only useful to environmental health profession and its professionals but will equally benefit the nation in many ways.

He further said the impact of the three initiatives combined would have a positive impact on the nation's socio economic base by creating employment for the youths in conformity with the drive of president Muhammadu Buhari led administration to diversity the nation's economy away from been oil dependent.

The portal been unveiled today fits into the Federal Government's digital economy transition in line with global best practices. The environmental health emergency response volunteer scheme is a house hold name having been utilized previously by the ministry in the containment of Covid 19 spread when rolled out last year, he said.

" I would like to assured the agency and Nigerian's that the ministry will continued to support the laudable initiatives of the council with a view of providing adequate enablement for effective and efficient environmental health practice which is key to having a healthy society, he added.

Speaking at the submit, Registrar/ CEO of Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria Dr Yakuba Baba said the essence of this first national submit is to unified structures that allowed mobility of their personnel from one ministry to another, from one agency and department to another in the spirit of oneness which is integration because without it there can't be impact in the environmental health.

" I am looking forward to policies, guidelines and legislation that requires amendment and enactment for the communique to address the issues with policy guidelines in the field of environmental health " .

He said the environmental health officers are using the public health act that gives them power and privileges to enter any where at any time without warrant for the purpose of inspection, calling for the re- introduction of sanitarian inspectors who are strong in order to concentrate our man power and sources so that they can be able to see what we are seeing because we are answering the call of the president.

Speaking at the submit, the lead consultant to the agency, Abubakar Roma said the convention from analog of all the agency's documents into electronic which is digitalization for easy access and quick data collection of the documents.

The agency gave the total numbers of all the participants across the various states at the submit.
Environmental health practitioners 3472 who registered between October 2018- July 2021,

Environmental health officers 1147, Environmental health technicians 1683, Environmental health assistants 642, wastes collection service providers 117, cleaning service providers 95, public health base control and service providers 89, Sanitary inspection service providers 2 and sewage service provider 1.

These service providers have been given theoretical and imperial training via the knowledge , conduct and are duly registered in accordance with section 16 of Acts 11 of 2002 to practice Environmental health in Nigeria and beyond through the oath of allegiance.

Earlier at the submits, the minister of Environment Dr Abubakar unveiling/ launched the flagging off, environmental health practical monitory, environmental health emergency response volunteer scheme and digital based service delivery portal.

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