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Monday, November 23, 2020

KENYA: ShEquity invests in Ecodudu waste recovery start-up


After the German investment company GreenTec Capital Partners, it is ShEquity's turn to take an interest in the start-up Ecodudu, which specialises in the recovery of organic waste. The investment company, which promotes female entrepreneurship, has just invested in the young company based in Kenya.

The Kenyan start-up Ecodudu is again receiving financial support. It comes from ShEquity, an investment company that promotes female entrepreneurship in Africa. In line with its policy, the Ecodudu start-up to which it has just allocated funds is run by women who excel in the recovery of organic waste.

The start-up has developed an innovative process to produce feed for aquaculture and the nutrition of many other animal species. Ecodudu also produces nutritious organic fertilizers for the soil. The approach is simple but original. In order to produce feed, the Ecodudu team exploits nature’s recycling agents, notably insects. It chooses fly larvae because they produce durable and highly nutritious proteins.

On contact with fly larvae, organic waste is converted into protein-rich biomass. As adult larvae, the flies are dried and supplied in bulk to feed manufacturers for commercial use. At the end of the process, the waste is transformed into an organic fertilizer called “Shamba Mix”. “The feed produced has a higher protein density than soybeans,” says an Ecodudu manager.

ShEquity’s investment is in addition to that of GreenTec Capital Partners, with whom it is also working in partnership. “Being an investment company of GreenTec Capital and benefiting from our venture capital has reduced the company’s risk in line with ShEquity’s investment criteria. We believe that the combined complementary support of GreenTec Capital and ShEquity will help Ecodudu to continue its growth and expansion, while giving it access to a wider ecosystem of potential partners, investors and opportunities,” explains the Frankfurt, Germany-based investment company.

Jean Marie Takouleu


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