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Monday, June 15, 2020

Electricity and gas union opposes liberalization of electricity production in Tunisia

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In Tunisia, the union in the electricity sector opposes the liberalization of electricity production. He feared that it would disrupt distribution and harm the public nature of the electricity supply service, despite the assurances and guarantees given by the Ministry of Energy.

In Tunisia, the General Federation of Electricity and Gas categorically opposes the opening of electricity production to private entities. She reiterated her position through her secretary general, Abdelkader Jelassi.

“Our opposition is categorical and we will use all forms of protest if this orientation is maintained. The production of electricity by private individuals and its direct sale to customers will disrupt the electricity network and affect the distribution of electricity, making it inaccessible to certain categories. We refuse the commodification of electricity which affects national security and the public status of STEG (National Electric Company Editor’s note), ” said the official at the national press agency TAP.

Contacted by the same media, Hamed EL-Matri, advisor to the Minister of Energy, said that liberalization will reduce the energy deficit. “An evaluation has been carried out with the experiences of other countries and it is STEG which will ensure the transport of the electricity produced at a fixed cost so as to satisfy society and to encourage private investors to invest in this area, ” he said.


Source: Agence Ecofin

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