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Monday, February 3, 2020


How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I am a creative who deploys his energy to creating works that leads to discussions on the many challenges plaguing our environment. My works are works consciously created to ignite discussions around the need for a circular economy, environmental sustainability, and every other issue that highlights social balance.

When did the decision to become an advocate for the environment begin?
It’s a tricky question for me because I didn’t study art in school, so, I have always done what I did as a child. However, as a child, it’s always been something of me fulfilling a hobby or working on my school assignments. I didn’t really see it as a lifelong profession because I had wanted to be a medical doctor, so you can imagine how far apart both paths are today.

In doing what you do, the reuse or redesign of waste materials seems to be your focus, why so?
Yes, but I will say that the art we practice is bent towards the environmental conservation, in order to trigger a chain reaction. To illustrate, if someone comes into the gallery and sees Collins Abineru sculpture made of metal spoons or Nnorom’s fabric sculpture, the idea is to let people see they can regenerate waste in many ways, and many levels. What we do as artists is to speak visually, then get inspired to return and think about how to do so. It’s all about promoting conservations that inspire people to action, to see this is possible.

Tell us about One Environment 
We started One Environment as a platform in 2016 and that was taking a step further in the work we had been doing long before then. So, since 2016 when we started till date, I have seen a lot of people come into the environmental space and activism. These are people inspired by the One Environment actions and programmes. I have seen many people come up with similar programmes that have address environmental sustainability and consciousness.
Reflecting on these developments, I believe we have made progress. I mean before One Environment there was practically nothing and still isn’t any platform as encompassing as it. This is in spite of individual or organizational activities around such issues. From One Environment people have met and developed relationships, had ideas to taking further discussions. I have seen activities on social media which derived from energy sourced from our platform. The platform brings people with similar passion for the environment, and you cannot downplay what happens when people connect and take actions to different levels.

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